06/23/2010, 4:13 am

Where is the swagger? Where is the entertainment? I took a minute to put this blog up because I love hip hop and I didn’t want this to feel like I was hating on the south. I love hip hop from everywhere but New York is my home and lately I have been wondering what happenned? We haven’t went platinum since 50′s last album as a city. I think Busta but up one of the best albums of his career and we missed the platinum. We got the gold but feel short at platinum. While we are shoulder leaning which I love we are also “Ballin” but we aren’t entertaining enough to bring the platinum back home for some reason. My opinion is that we aren’t entertaining. Banks(gunit) is giving us the new york point of view lets support. love him or hate him Papoose is entertaining the kids. check out his myspace numbers. Love him and Hate him but I will be the first to say it if you rappers aren’t entertaining me the way “Diddy’s” new album is than thats part of the problem. I need to say diddy is by no means a rapper but he is an entertainer and that is what makes his album entertaining and fun to listen to!!! Let the hate come my way I am sure I will hear it for this statement but hey something is missing and its the entertainment factor!!! f your not making me laugh,dance or say noone kills that many people(uncle murder) than I amnot being entertained!! New york the flows are cool but before you flow off the album Entertain!!!

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realtalk I’m willing to help the movement to bring new york back on the map. Im not a rapper anymore, because my passion was, will and always be the business side of things. I listen to hip hop all my life and my ear for this music is a gift from God. i understand the problem and know the answer. Born and raise in Brooklyn,NY with a business management degree and currently working on another in me help you
your truly
Deshawn Marks aka The Answer

Comment by Deshawn Marks

Contact me, We need to talk.
My email address is

Comment by Rick Boston

contact me too! i’m starting a management company and this is the movement we are trying to start in my city as well. we need the real back. i can be reached at RIP CHRIS LIGHTY

Comment by Michelle Lopez

contact me too! i’m starting a management company and this is the movement we are trying to start in my city as well. we need the real back. i can be reached at RIP CHRIS LIGHTY

Comment by Michelle Lopez

I feel that we as a people have lost the true meaning behind HipHop and the originality has been lost also. The problem is that everyone is trying to blend with each other and scared to be different

Comment by Anonymous

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Comment by Juan

Being from the South my opinion may surprise you. I am of the same generation as you so we grew up as Hip Hop did. We still see the fundamentals of the genre. I think our perspective has to change though. I’m not saying that New York isnt entertaining as much as the South, I will say that the bafoonery and the crappy tracks that do get airplay is not for us (our generation) and/or most New York mainstream acts. We are still living in the shadows of Soulja Boi and the chaos that he created with ringtone rap. With his growth came the voice of a NEW generation. Hip Hop went from ringtone rap to club and from there to stripper music. Acts like Mobb Deep, Common, Talib, J Cole (the real) can not compete or “entertain” the same listeners (kids 13-25) that are tuned in to the radio now. Our generation still listens to Hip Hop but we also listen to hybrid music with Neo Soul, Jazz Fusion and more. Our perspective is still on the essence for the Love of Hip Hop but these kids don’t love what they listen to it. They just listen and enjoy. Until we get out of this party phase, I am not sure many lyrical acts will survive…that is unless they have a party track to bounce to too along with a catchy ringtone to sell. Hip Hop is still the voice of the people and the voices right now are carefree, disrespectful, reckless and unrestricted. I hate it but at least we still have a voice. I am not the one to state that Hip Hop IS dead, that’s bullshit. But the Hip Hop that we grew up listening to died when this generation voiced their opinion. I love all Hip Hop and i can’t wait for this generation to grow up. I’ve leaned and rocked with it enough.

Comment by Fletcher Batts

Chris: You need to check out my Artist’s page at send me some feedback.

Thanks for your support.

Comment by Rick Boston

Chris: You need to check out my Artist’s page at send me some feedback.

Thanks for your support.

Comment by KrsDaGrindBoy

And you don’t know music……..

Comment by Anonymous

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Comment by Dydika

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Comment by car cheap insurance new york

Your a lame……..

Comment by Anonymous

Whats up CHIRIS LIGHTSKIN. LOL.Do your thing bro. ARTISTS: For low-budget graphic designs and music videos for you upcoming artists link up Everyone & thier grandmother raps so i’m fittin to git some money. Prices start a $100 for videos $50 for designs. Holla!!

Comment by showentStoke

new york is just not adjusting to new shit thats popin rite now… yall need some new young rappers almost every rapper from new york is old and iam not talking about age they been out for a while but if you look at the south there is a new rapper comin out like every month witch in return keeps their fresh (new) and hip….

Comment by tony

it is possible that you are one of my songs on the site.

Here’s a link to my music.


Comment by Checklito


Comment by NINO BROWN

hi chris

james holands down under……yeah my personal view is
in the past the entertainers studied entertainers.

tyson studied old boxing movies…..they fashin and hair cut too.

micheal jacksoon studies james brown…..etc

needless to say it was sink or swim in those days
and i hear about band members being fined for making mistakes,comming late,quincy said he was in a band where you got fined for not looking cool.(no problem for most artists there)

just hope that when micheal j died”entertainment didnt die too)it did in some way. r i p.



e.g. just like they have production teams…MOTOWN HAD IT.


Comment by james hollands

New York is right here brother. When you see me you won’t have to look any further cuz Im here to save the city. I know you’ve heard that plenty of times but if you do actually read your post be sure to contact me cuz I swear you wont regret it.

Thank you for your time

Comment by Supermanny

Now you got me started, here’s a more accurate reason why, Commercialization Even in the face of growing global popularity.., or perhaps because of it, hip hop has come under fire for being too commercial, too commodified. Artist Nas said it himself in his 2006 album Hip Hop is Dead. While this of course stirs up controversy, a documentary called The Commodification of Hip Hop directed by Brooke Daniel interviews students at Satellite Academy in New York City. One girl talks about the epidemic of crime that she sees in urban black and Latino communities, relating it directly to the hip hop industry saying “When they can’t afford these kind of things, these things that celebrities have like jewelry and clothes and all that, they’ll go and sell drugs, some people will steal it…” Many students see this as a negative side effect of the hip hop industry, and indeed, hip hop has been widely criticized for inciting notions of crime, violence, and American ideals of consumerism although much of the hip-hop dancing community still chooses to refer back to more “oldschool” types of hip-hop music that does not preach violence and drugs. In an article for Village Voice, Greg Tate argues that the commercialization of hip hop is a negative and pervasive phenomenon, writing that “what we call hiphop is now inseparable from what we call the hiphop industry, in which the nouveau riche and the super-rich employers get richer”. Ironically, this commercialization coincides with a decline in rap sales and pressure from critics of the genre. However, in his book In Search Of Africa, Manthia Diawara explains that hip hop is really a voice of people who are down and out in modern society. He argues that the “worldwide spread of hip-hop as a market revolution” is actually global “expression of poor people’s desire for the good life,” and that this struggle aligns with “the nationalist struggle for citizenship and belonging, but also reveals the need to go beyond such struggles and celebrate the redemption of the black individual through tradition.” This connection to “tradition” however, is something that may be lacking according to one Satellite Academy staff member who says that in all of the focus on materialism, the hip hop community is “not leaving anything for the next generation, we’re not building.” As the hip hop genre turns 30, a deeper analysis of the music’s impact is taking place. It has been viewed as a cultural sensation which changed the music industry around the world, but some believe commercialization and mass production have given it a darker side. Tate has described its recent manifestations as a marriage of “New World African ingenuity and that trick of the devil known as global-hypercapitalism”, arguing it has joined the “mainstream that had once excluded its originators.” While hip hop’s values may have changed over time, the music continues to offer its followers and originators a shared identity which is instantly recognizable and much imitated around the world.

Comment by B-boy Wiz

I feel you, here’s my outlook on whats happening with the swag in NYC. I’m a B-boy from the Bronx named Wiz 30 years of age, I came up with a number of rap artist as a supporter in the 90′s era of our music. I am hip hop to the fullest and love my craft also hip hope roots from where it was born. The entertainment in “hip hop” for NYC has become less creative and more innovative which is dope! But don’t stop creating.. The commercial part which I love but it has become an entertainment for the dull, and the youth are not being uneducated about there culture. I know the business is involved but why has nobody cared about the B-boy lifestyle. I walk threw New York city everyday and I’m entertained by the b-boy crews surviving by hit’ n in the streets for there daily bread (breeze team) (ready to rock crew) and thats because the essence of out culture is threw them. Why aren’t these dancers making noise in the industry of hip hop? They do it for the love , they live this shit all day, they made a global impact evolving dancers all over the world teaching, and the best deal they got was to be thrown into red bull contests. I think outside the box and started up the first official b-boy brand~ B-boy Original created by all the elements which forms this culture. I gave props to the beat boxers the graffiti artist and the raw D.J’s.. So I know what the corporate sharks don’t which is real hip hop.

Founder and CEO of B-boy Original clothing
“Originality Stands Alone”
Changing the game, when empires fall and the streets rise!

Comment by Richard Witt

CRAIG SWAGG is the official SWAG of NEWYORK :)

Comment by NIQUA

Ok. Since we all agree… Then how about Violator Management signs Digit and let’s show them some damn entertainment, CHRIS! I’ve been winning now without management and I am truly entertainment in its best! Your office just received my email with everything today. I just won my first international music award for best unsigned artist of 2010.

So, now there are no more excuses… I AM the future. LETs GO!

Comment by Digit a.k.a. DigitMan

I took a moment to read this post. I read it carefully so that I didn’t misunderstand anything you said. I go by the name of Desperado Brim and I’m from the Bronx New York and I love my city. You deal with some big names so you know talent when you hear it. Listen to me Chris. I have that special kind that can bring the glory back to our home. This shit is like writing a letter to Santa claus…as a grown up. Fuck it tho Ima give it a shot and hope it reaches. I was born for this. I am sittin on some much needed records in hip hop. I have a facebook ‘Desperado Brim New Sound For New York fan Page’ YouTube DESPERADO BRIM,, I said what I have to say…the proof is in the music


Hello Chris,

I am representing the artist Jeffrey Scott Enderby and he has written ‘Born Love Birthday’, a new birthday song. This is a birthday song most of the human race will love for all time Chris. Ears that have heard it believe that this is a once in a 3-4 generations song. It certainly seems that it was made in heaven for Mariah to sing and bring to the world. A new birthday song with all the heart and sweetness that one could ever want.

Chris, may we communicate?

Lakshmi Rao.

Comment by Lakshmi Rao

Hey Mr. Lighty: To get another platinum album to come out of New York, you need a Detroit producer. My name is Keir (key-air)and I’m a: songwriter, music composer, performance poet and Detroit music producer. Detroit is the birth place of Motown. I compose in 5 different styles of music: hip hop, neo-soul, house, gospel hip hop and techno. I’ve released 3 albums in the last 5 years, where I did all of the: music, songwriting, recording and mixing of all the albums. As a performance poet I’ve opened for: Dr. Bill Cosby, The Last Poets, Dwele and Malcolm Jamal Warner. Check out my: bio, music, lyrics, articles written on me and video performances by going to or call me at 313-753-7374 or email me at . Thanks for your time, Keir

Comment by Keir (key-air)

How does that even work?
From Manager/producer, to Artist (Music, TV and Film – and still really surprised by his work on A Raisin in the Sun)… How does one manage someone like Diddy and two other enterprising artist like 50 cent and Busta while running a business and balancing their family life in a fashion where they don’t feel as if they are missing out in some aspect of their life.

My hat’s off to you sir.

I feel that what Diddy brings is just something much different in energy. And different sound that crosses from hip hop to pop. Coming Home doesn’t come across to me as a total Hip Hop track. The sound is a hybrid like Eminem’s “Stan”. “Angels” is another amazing song with just an amazing different but familiar sound.

Although my taste has slowly grown from from rap to hip hop/pop, hip hop/alternative songs, and soundtracks I am really looking forward to 50′s next album. I hope he hits fire for you and your team.

Comment by Edward corcino


Comment by cflo

I am from the West and the condition is th same. I think it is time for an overhaul in Hip-hop Everything is tired out. We have no movement no push for variety. Its the same old. Where did the art actually go. being 21 and a artist trying to use live instruments instead of loops to bring some type of new swag to hip-hop is more and more diffcult. Kayne was able to bring change, 50 brought gangsta rap back, Busta was able to tear down walls with that in history why is no one trying to be differant??? And why do they expect a handout. It is time for a new twist And I am bringing it but who else is???? Much respect to you Mr Lighty

Comment by Dre B


Comment by NINO BROWN

i am an up and coming producer and manger and i fel the same way on almoest eery issue stated in your blog and its good to know someone who is as powerful and influential as you still gives a damn about the music

Comment by b rad

I love this company for it has kept the east coast on the map and from my research has treated all thier people fair on the business level. anybody that follow hip-hop know how blessed one is to be apart of the violator family.Jay.z and puffy don’t know how to suport real artists let alone new ones and that is a shame. how easy it is for nigger to forget where they come from?

Comment by thomas patterson

I have been workin hard the last six months trying to rectify this exact same situation!!! I am an Artist/Producer who has been forced into club promotions circle to make my project pop so far its been working!!! Im doing clubs right now that dont rock with hiphop artists unless they are signed and in rotaion just becuase of the crowds we generate… (Grown and Sexy) Every event we’ve thrown so far has been super successful. I just did a Yatch party on may 30th That was the most poppin party in NYC Memorial Day weekend, It was insane… Bottom line is give it a minute We’re going to bring the fun back and get this new york market poppin again… Remember the name Mr. Low The organization is MYWORLD entertainment!!! We are coming!!!

Comment by Mr. Low

You know, I’v been saying the same thing. I am from NY, but currently reside in SC. I manage some of the most talented artists in SC and hopefully one day that talent will be shown to the world. What I’ve seen though is that the “ENTERTAINMENT” is gone out of music; well, not all music, but most of the Hip-Hop music. I guess the “Look at my shoes, look at my hair, check my swagg…” music is supposed to be entertaining… Nah, I miss the choreographed dancing, the lights, the crazy hooks, the flashy suits (LMAO!), the funny punch lines… Anyway, hit me up if you need some new talent! I have PLENTY!!!

Comment by Ma Official

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